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 • Independent

 •  Established in 1993

 •  32-member Board of

 •  $1,000,000 in
     classroom grants
     since 1993

 •  Over $62,000 in
     grants for 2014-15

 •  Over $1,000,000 in
     reserve and
     endowment funds





Our Story

We are a nonprofit—separate from the school system and other school organizations—supporting classroom innovation.
Since 1993, our supporters have believed private charitable support and involvement can make the difference between an adequate education and an excellent one.

The Foundation believes that working together, we can continue to have a successful community school system that prepares all our children for the 21st century.

Over $1 Million Invested in Our Demopolis Classrooms

This year we reached $1,000,000 of private investment in the Demopolis City Schools since 1993. What a milestone achievement


Board of Directors



Sarah Chandler Hallmark, President

Kim Townsend, Vice President

Paul Miller, Secretary

Gabby Lewis, Treasurer

Ronnie Abrams

Aliquippa Allen

Kim Easley Bell

Andy Brown

Leon Clark

Ashley Coplin

Billy Coplin

Mark Dollar

Arthur Evans

Mike Grayson

Al Griffin

Burnquetta Johnson

Olen Kerby

Chuck Krecklow

Eddie Lomax

Gabrielle McVay

Bill Meador

Amie Miller

Kris Mullins

Claud Neilson

Joe Parr

Gary Pinault

Pete Reynolds

Charles Singleton

Roger Willis

Jim Stanford

Penny Stanford

Riley Wells

Shanika Williams


Amanda Barnes, Executive


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Demopolis City Schools Foundation
P.O. Box 1338

102 East Washington Street

Demopolis, AL 36732
Phone: (334) 289-2226

Fax: (334) 289-2207


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